About Kearstin

Favorite color(s): Azure 007FFF,  Sky Blue 87CEEB, Caribbean 1AC1DD, Cerulean 2A52BE

Birthday: April 2

Height: 5'10"

Born: Tennessee

Sun Sign: Aries

Moon Sign: Capricorn (estimate)

Rising Sign: Virgo (estimate)

Practice: Pagan (Wiccan, Sea Witch)

Resides: Chicagoland

Orientation: Bisexual

Gender: Cis Fem

Decent: Scottish, Irish, Polish

Favorite food: Pizza, Taco Bell, Protein Shakes

Favorite flower: Hibiscus, marijuana

Favorite genres: Punk, metal, jam bands, progressive rock, edm (music); sci-fi, fantasy, horror, action, thriller (movies, shows, books); rpg, mmo, shooters, rhythym, action-adventure (games)

Kearstin has been involved with sports, arts and multimedia since she picked up a crayon, put her hands on a piano, got a computer and was able to kick a ball.

In her school years, she got involved in as many extracurriculars as she could. In music, she was classically trained in piano lessons from age 8 through her early 20's. She began drum and percussion lessons in the late 90's to get her ready for marching band, symphonic band and concert band in her high school years. She dabbled in digital music when GarageBand was released in 2004. She was also in a few bands: a punk band called Wayne's Johnson as their drummer, an at-home-no-name garage rock band as a singer, and a Rockabilly band called the Sick Billy Wreckers as their singer. In her adult years, she has picked up smaller instruments to learn such as a chanter (bagpipe), kalimba, and recently has gotten back into playing piano again but on MIDI equipment.

In sports from school to adulthood, she played a variety of difference things. Soccer being her favorite and most tenured (15 years), she also played basketball, volleyball, ran marathons, plays frisbee, rollerblades, dance (Orchesis, go-go dancing, choreography) and lifts weights. She even has worked at two gyms in her lifetime.

She began modeling part time in 2004. Kearstin was (and is) such an advocate for sexuality, sex-positivity and expression that her very first photoshoot was nude. She loves challenging societal taboos and continues to promote healthy and consensual topics, themes, activities and services. This opened her up to a whole new community, culture, and family that has brought her to the adult content creator she is today and she's been smut peddling ever since. While modeling and sex work aren't mutually exclusive, she overall specializes in professional costumes (cosplay), modern glamour, art, pin-up, boudoir, fetish, sex work, nude, extremely edgy fashion, alternative and editorial work. While "sex work" is an umbrella term in the sex industry, Kearstin does not offer prostitution, escort or dominatrix in-person services. Her main line of clientele covers e-GFE, fetishes and kinks including (but not limited to) feet and heels, Giantess, Superhero, Body Worship, Financial Domination, tangible items to sell and digital content across many media types.

Remember, sex work is work. End the stigma.

Photography came hand in hand when she began modeling, as she wanted to be not just in front of the camera, but behind it. This helped her understand the vision, the work, and the collaboration that comes with modeling. It allowed her to grow into set-building experience and wardrobe consulting. Kearstin does NOT use AI in her work.

In college, she studied Graphic Design, Art History and general education. She already had advanced art placement and college credits during high school as she applied at an early age. This is where she learned her favorite medium is water color and acrylic painting, but also learned how to do photo retouching and minor manipulation. Kearstin does NOT use AI in her work.

In cosplay, she began in 2007. At the time, there were no where near as readily available premade costumes, materials, and options as there are today. So when she became interested in the scene, she purchased 3 Phoenix suits (Phoenix, Dark Phoenix and White Phoenix of the Crown from Marvel Comics) on eBay and her journey has exploded since. Since she was a model first, she had a few "booth babe" opportunities with artists and companies but she wanted more. She became hooked and addicted to the creativity, the scene, the learning, the people and the conventions. Because Kearstin is tall, many things did not fit off the shelf in the beginning. This "forced" her to start self-learning how to sew and craft to make sure what she wanted actually fit. It didn't help that she was into obscure characters so templates and patterns had to be made by her, too. Her favorite genres to wear are comic book, video game, and animation. With over 100+ costumes today, her cosplay life still continues both as a hobby and monetized. She has done multiple cosplay projects with Marvel, has had many interviews, guest appearances, go-go dancing, short films, was a contest judge and more. With resources as vast as they are now, she has become more open to wearing premade costumes but still gets great joy out of making things herself as much as she can. There's always something to learn!

In 2012, she was hired on as an original launching model to MyGeekGlory (formerly MyGeekGoddess), an adult cosplay-strip membership website. She was a model, photographer, go-go dancer, editor, on the Events Team, their Social Media Coordinator and a Marketing specialist. She left the company in 2022 but her memories and friendships remain.

In 2017, she became approved to be a Twitch Affiliate. As a variety part-time streamer, she plays many games, has community nights, watch parties, works on cosplay, art, has talk shows and guest appearances, and more. This allows her to continue graphic design, learn animation, broadcasting and analytics. She also outsources to her current partner who does motion graphics and animation. You can catch her stream and schedule on her channel! Her current goal is to become a Twitch Partner to grow and stream more often. Join her Discord for the community.

While Kearstin has always been an athlete, around this same time she also get into body building for the first time. She didn't compete, but she followed the routine, lifestyle and diet as if she was. It was a rebirth for her both mentally and physically. She has grown to love working out, lifting weights and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She has met amazing new types of people and continues to learn. She has even considered getting certified to be a trainer and nutritionist. While it is a difficult thing to maintain that body physique all year round, she still loves to strength train and cook new healthy recipes.

In 2018, she returned to work for Apple (prior employment in 2010), but this time as a computer technician. She got her hands on as much experience as she could in multiple departments on top of that role. Such as Genius Administrator, Business Expert, leadership training, remote support and continued her certification. She even worked through the COVID pandemic. Since leaving Apple in late 2022, she continues to help in tech support where she can and loves keeping her hands in troubleshooting. She has built her own PC, been a consultant for friends and family, and will be pursuing new certification into Windows in the future.

Bring us to today. She has her own brand, clients, and storefront that she continues to maintain. She also works for LUSH part-time, so add skincare to that healthy lifestyle! She is also a mermaid (performer entertainer) and handler (pirate) for the Windy City Mermaids LLC. She will eventually pursue to renew her First Aid/AED certification, and aim for PADI Mermaid certification in the future. She continues to dabble in makeup and special effects thanks to cosplay and modeling, and she's begun a new journey in voice acting

Needless to say, Kearstin does a lot.

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