Casual and minimal-experience actor with a large ambition to grow and develop. Training includes a background in some theatre, content creation, adult media and streaming personas. Looking to expand said portfolio and develop more skills through this amazing new journey. Desire to perform in animation, video games, hentai and more. Open to commercial. Sometimes I sing! You will find me easy to direct, confident, patient, hardworking, professional and all around fun!

My current equipment includes: Blue Yeti microphone, Audacity recording program, Logic Pro program. 

Voice Types: Mature sultry female, rough and tough female; villainess, punk rock, cool, smooth, loud, low, flirty, tease, instructional training, IVR, ride announcer, customer service, and raspy or harsh. Abilities: Young Adult male and female (18-35), Middle aged female (35-54), Senior female (55+). Singing range tenor/lead, some contralto/baritone; vibrato.

Voice Inspiration: Tara Strong, Jennifer Hale, Alan Tudyk, Rob Paulsen, Rachael Lillis, Paige O'Hara

Singing Voice Inspiration: Judy Garland, Norah Jones, Florence Welch, Paige O'Hara, Amanda Palmer, Peggy Lee, various musicals

Languages: Fluent English, learning Spanish, learning Scottish Gaelic

Accents: British/England, Southern, Chicago, New York, Scottish, Mid-Atlantic

Musician: Pianist, former Drummer and Percussionist

(updated demo/reel in progress)

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